Education/Training & Research

Training & Education:

At the Livinghealth Clinic we believe in facilitating and enabling the training and education of medical practitioners and as such are actively involved in both post graduate and undergraduate training.

At any one time, as part of our team we have both Medical & Nursing Students from University College Cork and the University of Limerick training with us. These students are involved in case conferences, tutorials and clinical audits which maintains and enhances our clinicians knowledge.

Under Graduate Training

Currently we have 7 cohorts who are final year medical students from University College Cork placed on a 4 week rotation in our General Practice. This experience provides the students with a valuable and practical insight into primary care.

We also have two 3rd year medical students from the University of Limerick Graduate Medical School placed with us for training on an 18 week rotation. Typically two rotations take place every year.

The Livinghealth Clinic is also actively involved in medical and nursing undergraduate training and facilitates the training of student nurses as required.

Post Graduate Training

We are also a designated training practice for G.P. Registrars on the Cork General Practice Vocational Training Scheme and the South West General Practice Vocational Training Scheme. We are one of the first practices to be involved in the Intern in General Practice programme in Ireland and take on six interns during the year.

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Use of Information for Training, Teaching and Quality Assurance

• It is usual for GPs to discuss patient case history as part of their continuing medical education or for the purpose of training GPs and/or medical students. In these situations the identity of the patient concerned will not be revealed.
• In other situations, however, it may be beneficial for other doctors within the practice to be aware of patients with particular conditions and in such cases this practice would only communicate the information necessary to provide the highest level of care to the patient.
• Our practice in involved in the training of GPs and medical students, and is attached to University of Cork and University of Limerick Training programmes. As part of these programmes, GP Registrars and students will work in the practice and may be involved in your care.

Use of Information for Research, Audit and Quality Assurance

• It is usual for patient information to be used for these purposes in order to improve services and standards of services.

• In fact GPs on the specialist GP register of the Medical Council are now required to perform audits. In general, information used for such purposes is done in an anonymous manner with all personal identifying information removed.

• Please remember that the quality of the patient service provided can only be maintained and improved by training, teaching, audit and research.

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